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Simplify Your Life or Project

At Direct we want to be your service, construction, and design provider.  We continually look at our list of services and refine our abilities in order to maintain diversity and to better meet the needs of our client.  By offering multiple solutions, we are able to simplify your daily routine or project.  Our company naturally performs projects and services with an enhanced communication abilty that other single trade firms are unable to provide.  We recognize that our internal communication ability is crucial to making your service or project run efficiently.

Our 6 Point Production Plan:
  • Immediately identify the needs of the client
  • Quickly provide a planned solution
  • Apply unsurpassed levels of production, scheduling, and quality assurance
  • Safely maintain production levels, organized documentation, and project data
  • Deliver a quality product to the client
  • Maintain a life-time relationship with the client

Our Services Include: