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Our History

We pride ourselves on constantly changing and adapting to our core client's needs.  When we adapt our company or enhance our services, it is always done with the mind-set of answering one simple question: "How can we better serve our existing clients?"  Below you will see the basic outline of the evolution that took us from small mom & pop electrical contractors to one of the largest MEP firms in Texas.  What is missing from these historical notes are the small victories we've helped clients with day in and day out.  We take pride in doing work no other contractors can perform and going above and beyond by completing approximately 6,000-8,000 jobs per year,  It's easy to overlook just how daunting and notable some of them were!     

The original division, Direct Electric is founded by DeWayne Rice, Rick Rice, and Ronnie Tinsley as a division of The Rice-Tinsley Corporation on October 1st, 1999.  Starting from humble beginnings working from the garage, the small father and son owned company begins to grow and flourish due to DeWayne's unique business philosophy, the talent for finding the best employees, and unmatched levels of production and quality.

Direct Electric upgrades facilities and becomes a well-known electrical contracting and service company in and around the Houston Metropolitan area.

Direct Electric expands operations throughout Texas with new statewide licensing and a growing East Texas customer base.

Direct Electric gains Louisiana licensing and expands in the East Texas and Southern regions.  The company performs new construction and restoration projects in Louisiana and Texas as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.   

Direct Maintenance becomes the second franchise and experiences profitable growth within the Direct team. The new Direct Maintenance division is formed with other industry professionals and specialists to better serve existing clients and offer turn-key solutions.  

Direct again adds new services for its customer base by launching Direct Plumbing with Vice President and divisional Co-Founder, Andy Crow at the helm.  The division becomes part of the growing Direct family and begins providing routine plumbing service, construction, and design solutions for customers.

To better serve clientele and complete the "MEP" trio, the Direct team expands into the mechanical industry by launching Direct Air Solutions. with Vice President and divisional Co-Founder, Robert Perry at the helm.  The new division starts serving existing customers with newly expanded services and adds continued efforts with nine consecutive years of growth. 

The Direct team provides restoration and catastrophe response to clients affected by Hurricane Dolly and Ike.  Production force services the entire Gulf Coast region in an effort to restore power and other vital utilities to establishments damaged by the storms. 

Direct celebrates a decade of success with the 10th anniversary of The Rice-Tinsley Corporation.

Direct expands capabilities and experiences growth within the service industry while gaining HVAC/R licensing in Lousiana.  Focusing on service first during this period, the company maintains perpetual growth and an unsurpassed level of clientele retainage. 

Direct upgrades corporate facilities in order to build the very best service response capabilities with state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking, weather, and scheduling platforms.  These enhancements added many new benefits to our service abilities such as quicker response times, same day service, better logistics coordination, quicker quoting, and faster invoice delivery.  

Rick D. Rice was formally elected to The Rice-Tinsley Corporation as CEO and oversees all corporate affairs.

Daren DeGeorge, Esq. was formally elected as CFO and oversees all financial and legal departments.

Ronnie D. Tinsley was formally elected COO and oversees all day-to-day operations including the production and design departments.     

Direct provides emergency responses to various critical infrastructure groups as part of Hurricane Harvey recovery.