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Tuesday, February 03 2015

Attract more clients or improve your employee benefits for free with our affiliate program.

As an employer or someone with customers to manage, do you ever wonder what you can do to make your business more attractive to them?  Everything you can possibly dream of has already been done and it probably costs something to implement.  How about an affiliate program with us? 

Step 1:  Identify your clients or employees that you'd like to reward that could also benefit from using our services.

Step 2:  We'll give you discount advantage for you to pass along that can go a long way and will mean a lot to them while making you look like a hero.

Step 3:  We will print up a simple little business card, letter or a custom package for your employees or clientele.  


Step 4:  Attach these discount cards, letters or packages to your new client presentations or proposals so your pitch has an extra benefit over your competitors.  This may give you the extra edge you need to land the account.  Likewise, for your employees, add them to your new hire paperwork or put them in everyone's pay check envelope or employee mail box.  For a more modern approach, use an email blast to your employees.   

Step 5:  Spread the word!  In your next marketing campaign, you can promote this new benefit to your prospective clients as well as new hires in order to have an added edge on the competition. 

Starting an affiliate program is easy.  You can start today by offering discounted air conditioning, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, electrical, plumbing and maintenance services to all of your clients AND your employees by contacting me directly. 

Email me now and let's create a custom solution for your employees or clients.

*This free report has been provided by Ronnie Tinsley, COO / Co-founder: - 1.866.3.DIRECT.  Copyright 2013 - The Rice-Tinsley Corp.